What you will learn

  • What is a press release?

  • How to pitch to journalists

  • Where you can work as a communications/PR specialist

  • How to network

  • Useful tools for comms/PR

Who is this course for?

Here at Bua, we don't like to pigeonhole people.

So, we are not including a list of disabilities or neurodiversities that would best suit communications and PR. However, if you love writing, maybe you're a natural storyteller or you journal every day, or you have a blog, then this course could be for you. You can complete this Bua course in one week, get a certificate and have a portfolio to show in interviews. Perhaps more importantly, from this communications and PR course you'll learn how to interact with clients, adhere to a brief and apply your skills practically in a number of roles.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • Let us know where you're at

    • Introduction

    • What's the job and what's a PR campaign?

    • Communication strategies

    • Learning exercise: respond to a client brief

    • Summary

    • Pop quiz

  2. 2
    • What is a press release?

    • Learning exercise: write a press release

    • How's it going?

    • Pitching

    • Learning exercise: write a pitch

    • Learning exercise: example pitch

    • Common mistakes and helpful tools

    • Pop quiz

  3. 3
    • Pros and cons of working in an agency

    • Pros and cons of working in-house

    • Pros and cons of working freelance

    • Where to find PR and communications jobs

    • How to build a professional portfolio

    • Networking

    • Learning exercise: networking on social media

    • Pop quiz

    • Tell us how we did

    • Diversity survey

Job titles to search for after you're finished

  • Communications executive

    A role typically found in agencies, this is an entry-level job title for anyone looking to work in a dynamic environment.

  • Press Officer

    A press officer would support their managers and heads of departments in strategising, writing PRs and pitching to journalists on behalf of one company.

  • PR & Communications Consultant

    This would be for people who want to freelance or be self-employed, jobs are usually looking for consultants to support them across a variety of PR and comms responsibilities.